Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

A great way To Take Care Herbal tour for you

For Now You are read about Herbal Skincare Benefits of eating organic foods and use organic cleaning products and laundry in the house was known throughout the world. As citizens, educated and environmentally conscious, you can do anything to save natural resources and avoid foods sprayed with toxic substances.

But I think the same way for your skin? Protect your skin with powerful chemical that is found in every bottle and jar cosmetic products on the shelves? I know that these chemicals not only harm the skin but also absorbed into the blood stream and may be subject to hormonal imbalances, allergies and even cancer?

Homemade herbal Your skin is more permeable than other body parts, and most of what is used on the skin into the body. Poor product used on the skin as dangerous as eating bad food. So when you go shopping for cosmetic products, read labels carefully and it turns out that the amount of dangerous substances are hidden under a fancy name. Chemicals on the skin, the body.

Be careful with ingredients such as parabens, genetically modified organisms, animal raw materials and synthetic chemicals, colors and smells. Can accumulate in the system and cause serious health problems.